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Passlock is a tedious-retrieval password management software, designed to help you keep yourself accountable. No need to have a friend hold your browser blocker passwords!


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Password Locker allows you to store passwords, namely to porn site blockers, and undergo a time-consuming, tedious process to retrieve them. This way, you’re deterred from relapsing when you have an urge, while still giving you the option to get them back. 

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A Better Life Is Waiting

We have an immense focus on privacy. That’s why we require as LITTLE information at sign up as possible. In addition, your passwords, unlocks, and data are never shared nor accessible by anyone other than you. 

1. Securely Store Passwords

Our secure software stores and encrypts the passwords of your choosing. Configure approximately how long you want retrieval to take, between 5 and 60 minutes.

2. Challenging

In order to retrieve your passwords, you’ll have to complete the lengthy challenge. This makes it difficult to relapse when you have a couple extra minutes during the day!

3. Do Things
Your Way

Get your passwords back on your own terms instead of relying on others or some other inconsistent strategy.

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